Ready To Build

200A Back River Neck Road is ready for building. Much of the preliminary work has been completed.

Civil Engineering:

Site plans were completed and submitted to Baltimore County for approval.


There is an active grading permit on this site. This means that bonds have been posted to secure storm water management and grading permits.

Site Preparation:

All initial grading is complete. The storm water management pond has been installed and connected to the storm drainage system, swales and areas of disturbance have been defined and installed, soil boring samples were obtained and soil engineering has been completed. Topsoil has been removed and compactable fill was installed in 8″ lifts. Stone screenings have been installed to top coat the entire site.

The main entrance was installed to allow access to the property from Back River Neck Road and pedestrian walk exists along the entire front of property.

BRNR Google View 9.4.16

BRNR Ground Breaking 6.13.15 1

BRNR Ground Breaking 6.13.15 4

BRNR Ground Breaking 6.13.15 9

BRNR Ground Breaking 6.13.15 12

BRNR Progress 2

BRNR Progress 9

BRNR Progress 10

BRNR Progress 11

BRNR Progress Fill 2

BRNR Progress Fill 3

BRNR Progress Fill 5

BRNR Progress Fill Topcoat 7



BRNR Progress Fill Topcoat 9

BRNR Progress Fill Topcoat 15

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