Market Data

200 A Back River Neck Road is directly next to a 7 Eleven convenience store and acrossed the street from a McDonalds fast-food restaurant. Located on a busy, highly-visible 4 lane road, this site has three phase electric, natural gas, public water and sewer readily available.


Traffic Count – 200A Back River Neck Road sits along four busy lanes of trafficTraffic

Fast Food Market Potential 3 Mile Radius

3 Mile Radius

Medical Market Potential 3 Mile Radius

Urgent Care, doctors office, Pharmacy Opportunity

Medical Market Potential

Household Expenditures 3 Mile Radius

Population within a three mile radius of this site location is expected to increase over the next five years. The two page report outlines the annual retail and services expenditures the average household is spending in each category. 

Expenditures Page 1 (2)

Expenditures Page 2 (2)

Projected Growth Opportunity through 2025 – 3 Mile Radius

Spending growth within the three mile radius of 200 A Back River Neck Road is expected to increase in every category. 

Projected Growth

Projected Growth Page 2

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